Health and Fitness Consult $50/hour session

Need general fitness, exercise, or workout advice? Do you have questions on the latest exercise classes or online programming? Does your current exercise regimen need to be evaluated to meet your needs and goals? Are you setting up a home a home gym and need direction or organization? Are you looking for strategies to create a more active lifestyle? Looking for career opportunities in this field and need advice? Having been in the health and fitness industry for almost 25 years, I can lead you in the right direction on many topics!

12-session General Fitness Package $675

Perfect for those wanting to maintain their overall health. Weekly, 50-minute sessions focus on balance, movement, mobility, core strength and structural health. Package includes a baseline fitness assessment and three additional. Session day and time can vary to accommodate the needs of the client and trainer.

6-session Maintenance Package $340

This package is for individuals that are regularly engaging in physical activity and desire new workout routines. I will meet with you once a month to guide you through a workout that you can take-home to use on your own. You can choose your workout focus.