8 digital resources to consider

Being healthy takes effort. Every. Single. Day. Some of those healthy behaviors are harder to manage than others. Fortunately there are digital resources that can help! Check out the few I’ve discovered and determine whether they may be of interest. Eat Slowly Do you find yourself gulping down food in a matter of 2 orContinue reading “8 digital resources to consider”

Sedentary, 65 and older? It’s never too late to start a physical activity program!

Over the age of 65, and sedentary, but want to start a structured physical activity program? Here are a few steps to safely begin a program and incorporate fitness into your life. Educate yourself on the weekly amount of structured activity needed. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention individuals 65 and olderContinue reading “Sedentary, 65 and older? It’s never too late to start a physical activity program!”

5 Tips For A Successful Walking Program

Walking is one of many physical activities that can help you become fit and healthy–and stay that way. The activity is low impact, enables you to explore your surroundings, requires no equipment and offers numerous health benefits. Regular walking can also help manage your weight, and as an added bonus, your next medical check up may show physiological changes as well! Is walking an activity that you currentlyContinue reading “5 Tips For A Successful Walking Program”