5 tips to ensure your activity tracker is working for you and your goals!

With so many activity trackers (a.k.a. fitness tracker, wearables) on the market it’s easy to measure health related behaviors. It doesn’t matter which tracker you use, it’s how you use the information that you are receiving to create change or progress. Below are 5 tips to get your activity tracker up to date for theContinue reading “5 tips to ensure your activity tracker is working for you and your goals!”

Do you obsess with numbers on the scale?

If so, you might want to read this blog post that discusses our obsession with numbers on the scale. The author does an excellent job of explaining different factors involved in our body‘s weight and how we can re-frame our thinking when it comes to the dreaded scale. It’s an educational read that you mightContinue reading “Do you obsess with numbers on the scale?”

A Local Resource for Therapy: Vickie Laughlin

A friend of mine, Vickie Laughlin, retired a few years ago after working for Oracle. We met through Group Fitness; I was teaching classes there. During the time we both worked for Oracle, Vickie was pursuing a second career after retirement. She is now a licensed psychotherapist here in Colorado Springs and is seeking newContinue reading “A Local Resource for Therapy: Vickie Laughlin”