Functional Strength Training for Healthy Feet

Learn some simple exercises you can do everyday that will help bring relief, as well as prevent common foot injuries.




Metabolic Effects of HIIT

One of the great researchers in the fitness industry, Len Kravitz, PhD, discusses how high intensity interval training (HIIT) affects your cardiovascular fitness, insulin resistance, cholesterol level, blood pressure, fat loss and weight management. Read the details here.


Trader Joe’s Five-Day Meal Plan and Grocery List

Feeling fortunate to have a Trader Joes nearby, I’m sharing a five-day meal plan and grocery list from Use the grocery list to prepare your healthy and easy-to-put together meals for this week.

Do you have a meal you’ve put together from Trader Joes? Share the recipe and grocery items here!


How To Properly Perform A Push-Up

The primary muscles involved in a push-up are in the chest and shoulder region. As you view the video, watching incorrect versus correct form, compare the movement of the shoulder blades. Incorrect movement, lack of shoulder stabilization, places more emphasis on the latissimus dorsi (and other muscles) whereas correct movement emphasizes shoulder stabilization and chest muscle action. Bottom line: During the movement, focus to keep  your shoulder blades stable by tightening your armpits.

Thirsty? New Study Links Good Hydration To Slimmer Waistlines

A new study finds people who are well-hydrated have lower body weights and lower odds of obesity. It adds evidence to the theory that drinking lots of water may help in weight management. Read the NPR article here.

Thanks to my friend Deb for sharing!

Training Sessions – Gift Certificates Available!

Are you searching for a gift for a family member or friend? Consider personal training sessions! I am happy to provide gift certificates for one-on-one sessions.* Interested? Call or email me.

*Sessions are not transferable. Cash or check only. 


Buy a B.O.S.U., get a free gift!

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