Stretching FAQs

This month I wanted to supply you with answers to questions I’m often asked on the topic of stretching. The American College of Sports Medicine holds the following positions on this often lengthy topic. View the complete article from the link below. How long should a stretch be held? Holding a stretch for 10-30 secondsContinue reading “Stretching FAQs”

The importance of your TVA

Uh, what’s my TVA? TVA stands for transverse abdominus, one of your deepest abdominal muscles. Okay. What does it do? Considered part of you core, this muscle (along with fascia) works as a corset to aid in spinal stabilization. Why should I care about this muscle any more than the others? A strong and functional TVA helps the other muscles inContinue reading “The importance of your TVA”

It’s all about the abs, ’bout the abs…

Over the years and throughout many health clubs, I’ve seen it all. Ab exercises that is. When it comes to exercises for your abdominals, you need to consider the mechanics of that region, muscle fiber recruitment and whether or not the risks of the movement outweigh the benefits. These are a few questions I’m askedContinue reading “It’s all about the abs, ’bout the abs…”