A healthy and active 365fitt experience!

In January a group of ladies from across the nation met for a week-long retreat on Captiva Island, Florida to experience 365fitt‘s annual healthy active living trip where I assisted as a trainer/coach. Pedometers were provided as an incentive to reach 10,000 steps per day. With access to paddle boarding and kayaking out the back door of our gorgeous estate, Sea Oats, and cycling and beach walking out the front, it was easy to do. In addition to our outdoor activities, we offered cardio and strength training classes (that I instructed) as well as yoga and pelvic-core classes. Our bellies were filled with easy-to-prepare nutritious dishes, our minds were freed of the stress of daily living and our bodies received regular doses of physical activity. For some it was a new experience and for others a way to recharge. Regardless, we embraced the sunshine and left with a warm glow on our skin and in our hearts. Does this experience sound like one you would enjoy? Ask me about next year’s trip!

Thanks to Jennifer Brill and Kathy Kent for sharing their photos.
Sea Oats Estate -- www.trainwithnicole.net
365fitt’s host site
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Happy to be healthy and fit!
Cardio drills  - www.trainwithnicole.net
Cardio drills!
Yoga at Sea Oats  - www.trainwithnicole.net
Outdoor yoga practice.
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Beach walking and sea shelling.
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Lunch is served by our chefs Jennifer and Corrie.
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Kayaking along the Roosevelt Channel.
Kayak and paddle boarding - www.trainwithnicole.net
Coach Deb teaching the necessary kayak and paddle boarding skills.
Jennifer Brill's Captiva sunset - www.trainwithnicole.net
Captiva sunset captured through the lens of Jennifer Brill.
Paddle boards - www.trainwithnicole.net
Our back yard playground at Sea Oats.
Sanibel/Captiva bike path - www.trainwithnicole.net
Bike path that runs from Sanibel to Captiva Island. Debra and Jennifer smile for the camera.
10-minute workout - www.trainwithnicole.net
10-minute workouts anyone?
Dolphins - www.trainwithnicole.net
My favorite part of the week was seeing these little guys in action!
Photo bomb - www.trainwithnicole.net
Coach Kathy photo bomb!
The Colorado crew: Nicole, Jennifer, Maryann and Donna.
Cabbage Key - www.trainwithnicole.net
Fresh seafood during a visit to Cabbage Key!
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Me with 365fitt owner/President and coach, Kathy Kent.
Cabbage Key cruise - www.trainwithnicole.net
After our cruise to Cabbage Key.
Mucky Duck - www.trainwithnicole.net
Sunset at the Mucky Duck. Captiva, FL.
365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net
Glow sticks on the beach for our farewell party.
Shrimp boil  - www.trainwithnicole.net
Farewell feast. Shrimp boil on the beach.


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