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With my coaching, guidance, instruction, and motivation you can be empowered to create the change you desire. Fitness consultations or training sessions are offered in my home.

Nicole Miller

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Do you obsess with numbers on the scale?

If so, you might want to read this blog post that discusses our obsession with numbers on the scale. The author does an excellent job of explaining different factors involved in our body‘s weight and how we can re-frame our thinking when it comes to the dreaded scale. It’s an educational read that you might consider sharing with others. Enjoy this month’s post!

Cancer Prevention Recommendations from the American Institute for Cancer Research

Evidence that eating whole grains, fiber, vegetables and fruit can help protect against certain cancers, as well as against weight gain, overweight and obesity! Get the recommendations here.

What’s worse than smoking, diabetes, or heart disease?

This article (from Advisory.com—geared towards Healthcare professionals) summarizes the findings of new study from the Cleveland Clinic published in JAMA. What we learn from the study is that a lack of cardio respiratory fitness (aka—not exercising) is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes, and heart disease!

But you knew that already, right? Just. Keep. Moving.

A Local Resource for Therapy: Vickie Laughlin

A friend of mine, Vickie Laughlin, retired a few years ago after working for Oracle. We met through Group Fitness; I was teaching classes there. During the time we both worked for Oracle, Vickie was pursuing a second career after retirement. She is now a licensed psychotherapist here in Colorado Springs and is seeking new clients. If you or an acquaintance is seeking therapy, please consider Vickie as an option! You can get to know her a little better, by reading below.
Tell me a why you chose this career after retirement?
Several years ago, I realized that sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day was no longer rewarding. I tried a few different volunteer positions and learned that my passion was to help other people. Soon after that, I found out that even with my totally unrelated Bachelor’s degree, I could get my Masters degree in Counseling! So I went back to college while working full time and graduated three later with my degree.
What type of clients do you specialize in?
I worked with victims of domestic violence during my internship. Since I opened my private practice, I have worked with clients who what to work on issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and traumatic events.
What types of therapy do you provide when working with your clients?
I typically let my clients decide what they want to discuss and work on during each session. Some of the treatments models I use include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement  Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Mindfulness.
What is a typical sessions’ duration? Cost?
A typical session is 55 minutes and the cost ranges from $40 to $70 per session.
How can potential patients contact you?
You can find me on Psychology Today. (https://www.psychologytoday.com/us)
Search for my name (Vickie Laughlin) to find my web page.
Outside of work, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
Hiking, yoga and taking Nicole’s class 🙂

Why are positive choices hard to make?

Making positive choices. It’s something you have the ability to do in all aspects of your life on a daily basis. Yet, sometimes you fail. With a new year, comes a sense of renewal or heightened self-awareness towards areas in your life that need improvement.

I’ve been eager to share this video clip* with you and felt the new year was the perfect time! It’s part of an entire speech that I was fortunate to listen to at the 2017 IDEA World Fitness Conference. I must say keynote speaker, Darren Hardy, delivered!  You’ll learn why we sometimes fail to make positive choices, the four traps we face, and how to withstand immediate gratification. The information delivered in this short clip is eye-opening. However, I hope it will elicit change! Please watch it–you’ll be glad you did!

* This video was originally uploaded to YouTube by Kendrick Ritchie.

Impact Exercise and Bone Density

We are often told that weight bearing activities help prevent osteoporosis or bone loss. But, I know a few women who perform weight bearing activities regularly and have osteopenia or osteoporosis! So, it appears for some, it can’t be prevented.  Your bone mass density is subject to factors like genetics, lifestyle, hormones and nutrition. Even if it doesn’t prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis, know that it’s beneficial!

Interestingly, many studies that showed an increase in bone mass density (BMD) from weight bearing activity only applied to adolescents and pre-menopausal women. Only a few, like this study, showed it was beneficial for post-menopausal women.  Also, your bone density improvements can be limited to areas of the skeletal system which show a greater bio-mechanical stress. Osteopenia/osteoporosis doesn’t appear to be a big concern for men, but they too should recognize the benefits of impact exercise and discuss bone mass density tests with their physicians.

Interestingly, impact activity (think “jumping” activities like running and tennis) proved to be better at stimulating an increase in bone mass density, though weight training (resistance training) can be effective if the weight is challenging enough to provide a stimulus! Sadly, walking, which is considered a weight bearing activity, may not be enough of a stimulus to increase your overall bone mass density, but it is still beneficial. Impact activity, like jumping, may not be an option for your body. Studies agree there is a higher risk of injury involved with the over 60 population, that’s why it’s not typically recommended. Consider weight training if this is the case. You may not be able to reverse osteopenia or osteoporosis, but you can certainly slow down the process or maintain what you have!


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Cedars-Sinai Investigators Develop More Accurate Measure of Body Fat

For years I’ve been frustrated by the use of BMI (Body Mass Indicator) as an indicator of body fat, although my industry continues to use it. BMI measures a person’s height and weight and draws conclusions from that. It’s not an accurate means of determining ones body fat level. There are many other factors. In my opinion, the health and fitness industry needs to adopt a more accurate measure of body fat. This new development gives us hope!