Looking for a personal trainer?

  • Struggle to exercise regularly even though you love the benefits?

  • Don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you need guidance in reaching a goal(s)?

  • Have you been instructed by your Doctor to begin an exercise program and don’t know how to start?

  • Are you looking to overhaul your lifestyle and become healthier physically, mentally and emotionally?

With my coaching, guidance, instruction, and motivation you can be empowered to create the change you desire. Training sessions are offered in-home, mine or yours.

Nicole Miller

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Location: 7212 Duryea Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80923



It’s all about the abs, ’bout the abs…

Over the years and throughout many health clubs, I’ve seen it all. Ab exercises that is. When it comes to exercises for your abdominals, you need to consider the mechanics of that region, muscle fiber recruitment and whether or not the risks of the movement outweigh the benefits. These are a few questions I’m asked regularly:

Is there a secret way to achieve a six-pack?
Can you work your upper and lower abs separately?
Can you work your abs everyday?
Can you lose body fat in your abdominal region by doing ab work?

These and other questions have been researched and answered by Dr. Len Kravitz, Ph.D. In order to give educated answers to questions regarding abdominal exercises, it’s his expertise that I rely on. Now, you too, can read through his resource manual and gain a better understanding of the abdominal region and exercises for it.

What caught your attention in Dr. Kravitz’s manual? Please share.

A healthy and active 365fitt experience!

In January a group of ladies from across the nation met for a week-long retreat on Captiva Island, Florida to experience 365fitt‘s annual healthy active living trip where I assisted as a trainer/coach. Pedometers were provided as an incentive to reach 10,000 steps per day. With access to paddle boarding and kayaking out the back door of our gorgeous estate, Sea Oats, and cycling and beach walking out the front, it was easy to do. In addition to our outdoor activities, we offered cardio and strength training classes (that I instructed) as well as yoga and pelvic-core classes. Our bellies were filled with easy-to-prepare nutritious dishes, our minds were freed of the stress of daily living and our bodies received regular doses of physical activity. For some it was a new experience and for others a way to recharge. Regardless, we embraced the sunshine and left with a warm glow on our skin and in our hearts. Does this experience sound like one you would enjoy? Ask me about next year’s trip!

Thanks to Jennifer Brill and Kathy Kent for sharing their photos.
Sea Oats Estate -- www.trainwithnicole.net

365fitt’s host site

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Happy to be healthy and fit!

Cardio drills  - www.trainwithnicole.net

Cardio drills!

Yoga at Sea Oats  - www.trainwithnicole.net

Outdoor yoga practice.

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Beach walking and sea shelling.

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Lunch is served by our chefs Jennifer and Corrie.

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Kayaking along the Roosevelt Channel.

Kayak and paddle boarding - www.trainwithnicole.net

Coach Deb teaching the necessary kayak and paddle boarding skills.

Jennifer Brill's Captiva sunset - www.trainwithnicole.net

Captiva sunset captured through the lens of Jennifer Brill.

Paddle boards - www.trainwithnicole.net

Our back yard playground at Sea Oats.

Sanibel/Captiva bike path - www.trainwithnicole.net

Bike path that runs from Sanibel to Captiva Island. Debra and Jennifer smile for the camera.

10-minute workout - www.trainwithnicole.net

10-minute workouts anyone?

Dolphins - www.trainwithnicole.net

My favorite part of the week was seeing these little guys in action!

Photo bomb - www.trainwithnicole.net

Coach Kathy photo bomb!


The Colorado crew: Nicole, Jennifer, Maryann and Donna.

Cabbage Key - www.trainwithnicole.net

Fresh seafood during a visit to Cabbage Key!

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Me with 365fitt owner/President and coach, Kathy Kent.

Cabbage Key cruise - www.trainwithnicole.net

After our cruise to Cabbage Key.

Mucky Duck - www.trainwithnicole.net

Sunset at the Mucky Duck. Captiva, FL.

365fitt - www.trainwithnicole.net

Glow sticks on the beach for our farewell party.

Shrimp boil  - www.trainwithnicole.net

Farewell feast. Shrimp boil on the beach.


Cardio workout #2 for your in-home training pleasure!

Once again I’m supplying you with a simple, 10-minute cardio workout along with a kickin’ playlist. It’s a great way to change up your exercise routine, prevent boredom and stay active! For additional cardio training (and calorie burn) complete cardio workout #1 and #2 back to back. 


At home 10-minute cardio workout #2 - ©TrainWithNicole.net

At home 10-minute cardio workout #2 – ©TrainWithNicole.net

These are a few of my favorite things…

No, not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. Instead, things I use in my profession and have grown to love. Here they are:

  • Apps. I use Tabata Pro exclusively for circuit or interval classes. Change your work and rest times with a few simple settings. Mix and Mash allows you to blend songs seamlessly from one to another. Great for Zumba classes, it eliminates that awkward silence between songs.
  • UE Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Love this little speaker! It is surprisingly loud and portable; great for outdoor workouts.
  • Athleta Bettona Boyfriend Pants My go-to loose-fitting pant. I wear them over my workout clothes, as a stand-alone pant for running errands and even as a workout pant. You’ll fall in love with the soft, wicking material.
  • Scotch Restickable Dots For mounting laminated flyers. Masking tape was wasteful. These are reusable and a sight for sore eyes!
  • Tennis balls I use these personally and with my clients for myo-fascial release. Think self massage.
  • Blender Bottle A cool-looking container for protein or recovery drinks. Blends ingredients completely and doesn’t leak.

So, there you go. A few of my faves. Check them out when you have time. Perhaps there is a holiday gift card that is burning a hole in your pocket!

May 2015 be a year of positive and healthy changes for you!

Please keep in mind that I’m not being sponsored by any of these products. None of these companies know I exist. I simply wanted to share products that I enjoy and use regularly.